About Linda

I have a wonderful, supportive husband and we have 5 children and 10 grandchildren.

I have lived in Lake County, IL, for 20 years.

I am a Scientist and I make data-driven decisions!

Why am I running:  I am running for the Lake County Board because I love Lake County.  I want to help make it even better and more sustainable in the future.  I want my grandchildren to grow up to live, work, play, and raise children themselves right here in Lake County.  I believe that Lake County has great people and terrific resources, but we all need to work together to manage and sustain and improve what we have.

We get the government we work for in a democracy.  Government is a participation activity and that is why I am running for office.  I believe that I can make a difference.  I will not stand on the sidelines.  I want to work to try to improve things and support others who are working hard to make our county better.  Government really IS the work of all the people.

Community Activities:  I am currently a CASA Volunteer in Lake County (Court Appointed Special Advocate for children in the courts).  I have been an Election Judge in Lake County for several years.  Over my adult years, I have volunteered in a variety of community activities including “Meals on Wheels”, several years as a foster parent, active in children’s sports and officer in local clubs, etc.

 My Values: I care about people, truth and justice.  I care about racial justice AND public safety.

My motivation is my 10 grandchildren.

I am running because I support democratic values such as:

  • fair taxation,
  • smart and effective government,
  • clean water and clean air,
  • civil discourse,
  • all citizens vote,
  • health care as a right and not a privilege,
  • healthy and safe communities for all,
  • equality before the law,
  • equal opportunities for education and work that are not determined by zip code, race,
       gender, faith, sexual orientation or gender identity. 

I sincerely believe that we should all try to leave the world in better shape than we found it. 

I admit, I never would have imagined that such values would be controversial! 

Why me?  I believe that my scientific background in environmental and health sciences provides a fact-based decision making perspective that will be valuable in working with the Lake County Board on many of the issues currently facing the Lake County Community.  My scientific training, my experience working in collaborative teams with many short and long-term goals, make me a strong candidate.  I think like a scientist and am guided by research and facts, but I also understand that we must collaborate effectively with others to get the results we all want.

 Background: I grew up in Massachusetts, graduated with a B.S. from college at Catholic University in Washington DC, took many career-targeted continuous education classes in toxicology and regulatory chemistry through my employer, studied biochemistry in multiple graduate level classes at Central MI University, worked in EH&S (Environment, Health, & Safety) in Michigan for many years, and was transferred to Lake County, IL, 20 years ago for work.

Career:  I have spent my entire adult life as a scientist working in Mammalian and Environmental Sciences, Health, and Safety, that is EH&S.  I started out with a B.S. in medical technology, and then worked as an R&D laboratory toxicologist, later promoted in Toxicology Information Sciences, next as a Manager of EH&S Product Stewardship, and finally retired as a Senior EH&S Product Stewardship & Regulatory Manager for a business.  I worked for 41 years for the Dow Chemical Company, retiring in 2019.